Bonvenio al novial wikipedie! Qui lingues vu parla?

Danko pro vun kontributiones. Nus besona plu multi kontribueres.

Nov ialiste 17:56, 22 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply

Places in Spain


Hi, thanks for your offer to help. Firstly I need to check that I understand the template. Here is the template with English translations and ? where I do not understand:

{{Localidat España Places in Spain
|nombre = name
|de = of
|nombre_ofizial = official name
|bandera = flag
|escudo = shield
|escudo_grandaria = ?
|imachen = image
|comunidat = Autonomous Community
|probinzia = province
|redolada = shire, county
|monezipio = municipality
|cp = postal code
|superfizie = area
|altaria = altitude
|poblazión = population
|calendata = date
|chentilizio = dialect
|ríos = rivers
|web = web site
|situazión = location (?)

Please tell me the correct English translations, then I can translate into Novial. Thanks, Nov ialiste 19:21, 23 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply

But don't you need the translations into Novial? What does escudo_grandaria mean? Nov ialiste 09:11, 25 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply
The template translated into Novial is now on my talk page. Thanks for your contributions! Nov ialiste 00:32, 26 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply

Look at Madrid. The template seems to work now. Nov ialiste 13:14, 27 oktobre 2007 (UTC)

I used the template in Aragonese (untranslated except the name). I'm now translating it into Novial. So wait some time before using it. I will send you a message here when it is ready. Nov ialiste 13:54, 27 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply
Okay. Check Madrid and Abejar (Soria). It seems to work now. The place names are all in Aragones (?). Maybe they should be changed to Spanish where different. Thanks, Nov ialiste 14:39, 27 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply

Urbe, vilaje



note that "urbe" means "town" or "city" and "vilaje" means village. Also "urbete" (or "mikri urbe") means "small town".

Are all of these places towns or are some actually villages? Nov ialiste 12:44, 28 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply

Bold names


Maybe it would be good to make the town names bold like:

Abejar es urbe in li spani provinse Soria.

Nov ialiste 12:47, 28 oktobre 2007 (UTC)Reply



Hi, you wanted help with some articles? Let me know which. Sorry I haven't been too active on this wiki - I'll probably spend more time here in September. --Wayne 19:01, 22 julie 2008 (UTC)Reply

Nov ialiste is back


Hi Chabi,

I have been very busy so haven't visited much in the last couple of months. I will visit more often now. Nov ialiste 01:18, 27 auguste 2008 (UTC)Reply

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